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1. What is the most common failure with wooden screen doors?

Aside from the screen media getting torn or damaged, the most common failure is the structure of the door breaking down at the joints allowing the door to fall out of square.

2. Why does my door drag on the floor or stick in the opening?

When the structure of the door breaks down at the joints, the door falls out of square. Usually the side supported by the hinges is held in place but the opposite (unsupported ) side is totally reliant upon the integrity of the doors structure.  When the joints begin to fail the side sags and causes drag, sticking and ill fit.  The supported (hinge) side remains square and you have the classic sag found on most doors.  With Texas Doors & More the “Ever Square” methodology provides a reinforced laminated and bonded joint to stop sagging and therefore performs at a higher level, much longer.

3. What types of screen media are available?

There  are many variations on screen media;

    1. Standard vinyl
    2. Vinyl “Pet resistant”
    3. Solar filtering
    4. Metal media
      a. Copper
      b. Aluminun
      c. Hardware Cloth

4. Can a new screen door be fitted to my existing structure?

Absolutely! Texas Doors & More manufactures doors one at a time to the specifications for each application.  We provide a free custom proposal for your specific needs at no cost and then manufacture the door needed for the application.  Screen door frames, jambs and trims are also available to the customer as well as expert installation services.

5. What method is used to fasten the screen to the door?

As the screen door is being manufactured, the panel opening dimmensios are forwarded to the screen vendor.  The screen panels are manufacurred for the individual door.  The screen panels are built with the same aluminum frames utilized in standard window screens.  When the door is ready the aluminum frames are inserted into the doors with mechanical fasteners and then stopped in place with wooden mouldings called screen stops.

6. Can the new screen door be manufactured to compliment the integrity of the existing style of my home?

Yes, indeed!  Texas Doors & More has many wood species available locally and others imported from exotic locations.  Manufacturing does not begin until the design of the door is complete and approved by the customer.  Texas Doors & more has unlimited capabilities in producing common or uncommon designs or sizes. FAQ's Continued >>>



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